Check your email on multiple computers (Tutorial for Microsoft Outlook)


I have setup my email account on two different computers. When I check the second computer I can’t receive any of the messages I got on the first computer. Can this be fixed?  


When you use an email program like Outlook, it contacts your ISP then downloads and deletes any messages on the email server. Buy changing some settings in Outlook we can tell your ISP not to delete your messages within a time frame. In this case 5 days. This gives your second computer a 5 day window to download the messages.

Step 1

Load Outlook

Step 2

In the ‘Tools’ menu click ‘E-mail Account..’, when the email window opens click ‘Next’.

Step 3

In the list of accounts double click your email.

Step 4

Click ‘More Settings …’.

Step 5

Click the ‘Advanced’ tab. Put a tick in ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server’, put a tick in ‘Remove from server after # days’. Change the number of days to 5. Click ‘OK’.

You can set the number of days the message remains on your server to what ever you wish. However the more days you leave your messages on the server the more likelihood of overloading it.

Step 6

Click ‘Next’.

Step 7

Click ‘Finish’


You will need to do this procedure on both computers, not just the second computer.

Be careful not to reply to the same message twice. You will now get a copy of all new emails on both computers.

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