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As IT professionals, things we know (100% for sure!) about the incoming iPhone 14 specs

May 10, 2022
  • After purchase, it WILL NOT feel identical to the iPhone 8 you just handed down to your son/daughter
  • Before purchase it WILL make total sense to spend $2k on a telephone
  • Rest assured, it WILL NOT have a fingerprint sensor! When wearing a mask you can enter a pin number like it’s the 1990’s to use your phone. This feature is called the ‘warm and fuzzy Nokia 3110’ update
  • BUT, if you wish, Apple have an option for the iPhone 14 that automagicaly makes a Bluetooth link with any facemask, of any mask brand (by upgrading the mask to Bluetooth of course) and allows you to unlock with your face. Please choose ‘Apple Watch Patch’ at checkout (prices start at only $599)
  • Don’t worry! Now the iPhone 14 won’t come with a charge cable! As eagerly anticipated. Apple have upgraded their environmental policy and reduced the risk of YOU creating waste, not by just removing the charger but also removing the charge cable.
  • :-J

Phone us for more super-secret Apple knowledge.

iPhone 14
The smaller, ligher iPhone 14. Now with 3G!

Its Holiday time! See you in 2022

December 15, 2021

Big thanks to all the small business and staff for the past year! Now time for a much needed break!

Over the holiday season we will be taking a break from 25th December to 10th January inclusive. During this time we will be on-hand for any business-critical issues, just leave a message by ringing our phone 02 8007 2930.

Merry Christmas, keep safe and enjoy the holidays.

Why you should wait to install or update to Windows 11

November 9, 2021

Windows 11 has been officially released and that means Windows 10 users should start seeing the option to update for free showing up in Windows Update. 

New operating systems are exciting and I’m sure you’re also eager to try it out but you might be best to wait. As Windows 11 rolls out we have been fielding questions about what that means for their PCs, and whether they should be concerned about getting the upgrade. Here is what you should know, it has some interesting new features, but it doesn’t offer most of us meaningful improvements over Windows 10. Here’s why you shouldn’t stress about upgrading right away.

Windows 11 is incomplete

The biggest reason you shouldn’t rush out and try to install Windows 11 yourself is that the operating system isn’t feature-complete yet. While it’s common to see software updated with patches and new features post-release, Windows 11 is definitely not ready to be used for a lot of computers.

Windows 11 isn’t a huge upgrade from Windows 10

The other big reason you shouldn’t stress about upgrading to Windows 11 is the fact that for most people, the update probably doesn’t offer meaningful improvements over Windows 10.

Windows 10 is going to be around for a while longer

Microsoft might have already set an end of support date for Windows 10 but it is not until the 14th October 2025, which for most people that will require a computer an upgrade in the meantime.

Always speak to us first

Upgrading to Windows 11 might not be compatible for your computer depending on specifications, but if it is it would be best to speak to us first before upgrading. A lot of software needs to be built and reprogrammed to run properly on Windows 11, and there is no guarantee that your software will ever work with it, which could mean the software your business runs on might stop working after the upgrade.

Speak to us to before you do anything to get our advice on whether you should or shouldn’t upgrade.

March Windows 10 update appears to cause blue screen of death when printing

March 12, 2021

The March Windows 10 update (Windows 10 KB5000802) appears to be causing the blue screen of death to appear for some users. The issue seems to occur when trying to print something, though it may only affect certain printing situations.

If this happens to your PC please call us straight away on (02) 8007 2930. The fix will generally take us 10-20 minutes.

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Here is a list of some useful links: Generate strong passwords: passwordsgenerator.net Online malware scanner and statistics: virustotal.com


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