As IT professionals, things we know (100% for sure!) about the incoming iPhone 14 specs

  • After purchase, it WILL NOT feel identical to the iPhone 8 you just handed down to your son/daughter
  • Before purchase it WILL make total sense to spend $2k on a telephone
  • Rest assured, it WILL NOT have a fingerprint sensor! When wearing a mask you can enter a pin number like it’s the 1990’s to use your phone. This feature is called the ‘warm and fuzzy Nokia 3110’ update
  • BUT, if you wish, Apple have an option for the iPhone 14 that automagicaly makes a Bluetooth link with any facemask, of any mask brand (by upgrading the mask to Bluetooth of course) and allows you to unlock with your face. Please choose ‘Apple Watch Patch’ at checkout (prices start at only $599)
  • Don’t worry! Now the iPhone 14 won’t come with a charge cable! As eagerly anticipated. Apple have upgraded their environmental policy and reduced the risk of YOU creating waste, not by just removing the charger but also removing the charge cable.
  • :-J

Phone us for more super-secret Apple knowledge.

iPhone 14
The smaller, ligher iPhone 14. Now with 3G!

Data Recovery

The most common data recovery procedure we perform involves a computer that won’t boot due to a drive failure. This is most often caused by a bump or a knock to the computer while the hard disk is writing critical data. Sometimes the head physically crashes into the the plater. This is where the term ‘hard drive crash’ originated. Of course failure of spinning hard disks happens for many reasons include wear and tear. Some drives spin at 10,000 rpm with as little as 3 nanometres separating the drive head from the disk plater. This provides very little room for error. Something that goes hand in hand with data recovery is your backup plan. If you don’t have a backup policy in place please contact us straight away for a tailor made solution. To ensure we can recover as much data as possible stop using the media or the effected computer straight away. Stage one recovery prices start from only $250 for most media types including hard drives, discs and flash cards. This price includes GST and the replacement drive. In most situations we can recover your data in this first stage. The second stage of disc recovery is the [&hellip


Green Computing

Supportedge is an environmentally conscious workplace that practices what it preaches. Three things the average consumer can do and we encourage consumers to do, to reduce your business’ and households’ environmental impact are: 1) Recycle your electronic waste (e-waste): “Australians generate more than 140,000 tonnes of e-waste each year and most of it ends up in landfill,” as stated on the City of Sydney’s website. There is an e-waste depot that you can drop your electronic goods off in Ultimo, Sydney. It is open on allocated days throughout the year. For more information on what days the depot is open or to find out more about how to recycle your e-waste read this brochure from the City of Sydney’s website. Or visit Planet Ark’s website for your closest recycling facility. 2) Invest in long-lasting appliances and maintain them so you get a longer-life out of them: “You can save money and reduce energy use by buying the right appliance for your needs and using it efficiently. The position of the appliance, how you operate it and how you maintain it all affects how much energy is used – for example, placing your refrigerator next to your oven will make it work [&hellip


Partner Program

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