Adding attachments in Entourage (sending files in your email)

Step 1

Open Entourage. This is sometimes is in your dock or can normally found in the ‘Microsoft Office’ folder within your ‘Applications’ folder.

Step 2

Click ‘New’ in the toolbar to open a new email window.

Step 3

Type the email address of your recipient and press enter.

Step 4

Click the ‘Paper Clip’ icon in your toolbar

Step 5

This will bring up the ‘Choose Attachment’ window.

‘Special Places’ are listed in the left column, while the two columns on the right are used for choosing and previewing your files. If you prefer a more typical file browser you can toggle between column and list view by using the two small icons directly to the right of the back and forward directional arrows.

Example: I have a picture file on my Desktop I would like to email it.

The first step would be to click ‘Desktop’ from the list of ‘Special Places’ on the left.

Then click the picture file in question

Remember: You may need extra software to attach entire folders to emails. It’s a good habit to only select individual files for emailing.     Step 6

Click ‘Choose’ in the bottom right hand corner.

Repeat steps 4 to 6 to add more than one file to your email.     Step 7

Type a subject for your email and type your email message.

Step 8

Click ‘Send Now’


The development of email technology started about 1970. Email was intended to send text. It’s only in the last 10 years it has been retrofitted to attach other types of files. I would not recommend sending emails with over 1 megabyte of data attached.

If you have large attachments your email can run slow. This is normal.

Any questions about this tutorial please drop me an email.

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